EnergyLogic Goes 10 for 10!

10th ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award

Not only are we celebrating our tenth anniversary, we also recently received our tenth EPA ENERGY STAR® award!

Homeowners want efficient homes

ENERGY STAR logoNot only are we celebrating our tenth anniversary, we also recently received our tenth award from the EPA ENERGY STAR® program! We’re proud of our Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence award – especially since it comes from the most widely recognized energy label. In conjunction with our Builder partners, we labeled more than 2,200 homes in 2015, bringing our cumulative count to over 20,000 homes.

ENERGY STAR’s Evolution

ENERGY STAR is a program that lays the foundation for homebuilders to create homes that are not only efficient but also durable, safe, and comfortable. This, in conjunction with the strength of the ENERGY STAR brand among consumers, has led ENERGY STAR to become the foundation of many energy codes and sustainability programs. As it has grown, its version and revision process has worked towards flexibility, ensuring that the home certification process is attainable and forward thinking.

ENERGY STAR’s Evolution

EnergyLogic’s role in labeling a home as compliant with the ENERGY STAR program is one of education and verification. Here’s an overview of our process:

  • Plans Analysis – ensuring that the quantifiable energy use of the home as measured by the HERS® Index score meets the program target requirement
  • Field Verification & Quality Assurance Inspections – ensuring that all the mandatory components encompassed in the ENERGY STAR checklists have been incorporated in the home

Through the whole process, we are available as a training resource to builders and trade partners, specializing in construction techniques and ENERGY STAR specifications. We will work with you to ensure not only compliance, but also performance.

Ready to Partner?

Over 85% of Americans recognize the ENERGY STAR label. The incremental jump to ENERGY STAR from the IECC is small, thanks to revisions focused on allowing builders to focus on execution rather than on time-consuming verification hurdles. EnergyLogic is ready to help any builder with ENERGY STAR, whether just getting started or already experienced with the program. We look forward to many more years of partnership with the ENERGY STAR program!

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