EnergyLogic Partners Share Commitment to Building Better

From multi-million dollar slopeside houses and retirement living facilities to affordable housing, our partners are leading the way in energy-efficient, sustainable building.

Published January 30, 2024

Equipping Our Partners

EnergyLogic provides services for numerous projects across Colorado that run the gamut of meeting the basic energy building codes to consulting on hyper-efficient and sustainable buildings. Our team offers expertise and services in most areas of energy code/program compliance and sustainability programs such as LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, and National Green Building Standard. Examples of projects that we recently completed include: 

The Havens at Snowmass Village – LEED Platinum

Lake Flato Architects and Shaw Construction recently completed ten high-end homes on the slopes of Snowmass Village that achieved LEED Platinum, the highest level, status.   

The Academy at Mapleton Hill – Boulder Commercial Air Tightness 

EnergyLogic launched commercial air infiltration testing for large buildings in 2022 as new versions of the IECC Commercial Code require many buildings to be tested rather than just visually inspected. We dove into the deep end with testing the Academy at Mapleton Hill, a 91-unit retirement community spread over 5 interconnected buildingsThe buildings consist of over 110,000 square feet of envelope area (about the area of a Manhattan city block) requiring six blower door fans to perform the test. EnergyLogic is investing significant resources into training and equipment to meet the demand for large commercial blower door testing moving forward.


The Academy at Mapleton Hill

Tantra Lakes Apartments Rehab – Enterprise Green Communities and WELL Certification

Tantra Lakes is a 16 building, 185 unit apartment project in Boulder, COEnergyLogic consulted, inspected, and tested this Boulder Housing Partner project, working with Studio Completiva Architecture,  for certification under the Enterprise Green Communities program, WELL Certification, and The City of Boulder’s energy code. The remodel transformed a dated affordable-living project into a healthy and vibrant sustainable community that provides much needed affordable rentals in Boulder. 

Empowering a Sustainable Future

EnergyLogic believes that sustainable and energy efficient buildings are achievable and necessary for the health of the occupants, society, and the planetWorking on projects from multimillion dollar slopeside houses, to retirement living facilities, to affordable housing is part of fulfilling our vision, a world where all buildings are efficient, healthy, and resilient. 

About the Author
Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick is EnergyLogic's Director of Business Development. As a former general contractor specializing in high-performing homes, Rusty loves helping builders appreciate the value of building high-performing, energy-efficient homes for their clients and for future generations. Learn more about Rusty!

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