News Feature: EnergyLogic Makes Its Own Luck

EnergyLogic rater Trevor at Job Site

EnergyLogic rater Trevor at Job SiteEnergyLogic has been featured in the BizWest article, “EnergyLogic makes its own luck” by Tommy Wood.

With EnergyLogic’s positive growth, projecting to grow by $1 million this year, they’re redefining Steve Byer’s (CEO) definition of what it means to be a “big” company.

Read more about EnergyLogic’s roots, core values, and their projected future.

Read full article on BizWest!

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Robby Schwarz

Robby Schwarz

Robby co-founded EnergyLogic with Steve Byers & Wynne Maggi in 2006. After 14 years of partnership, Robby set off on new adventures in late 2019. We're grateful for the many years together!

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