Sanaya Robles

Sanaya Robles - The EnergyLogic Team

Honestly, the neverending list-making. I love coordinating events that require a lot of small details. This gives me the opportunity to put my organizational skills to the test. Once the day of the event arrives (if everything is organized right) the event feels like a carefully orchestrated performance and everything fits into place. Being a part of that orchestration gives … Read More

Wynne Maggi

Wynne Maggi - The EnergyLogic Team

I’m an anthropologist, so I get a chance to put all that social theory to work, to see how culture emerges from the interactions and talents of all the people associated with EnergyLogic–our Logicians, our clients, our vendors, and the big, crazy world outside of EL as well. And finally, I’m passionate about working to align my head and my … Read More

Laurie Hindman

Laurie Hindman - The EnergyLogic Team

I am a good communicator and love to help; being the People & Culture Director gives me opportunity to do both. Writing engaging posts on our in-house blog using my own “voice,” seeking initiatives and tools that draw people more deeply into the EnergyLogic culture, and being present for each Logician both as a sounding board and a problem solver, … Read More

Danielle Cimbura

Danielle Cimbura - EnergyLogic Team

I can read lightning fast; my record for books read in one month is 20! Also, I create an entire themed Christmas tree every year with homemade ornaments; I am slightly obsessed with Christmas!