Options for Solar Exemptions in Denver

Solar Solutions

Denver’s new energy code aims for residential electrification to meet 2030 climate goals, posing challenges in solar installation compliance. Published May 16, 2024Challenges and Opportunities Denver recently enacted a new energy code for all new residential construction. The jurisdiction is pushing hard for electrification, which is critical to meeting our 2030 climate goals. The city is now at the forefront of energy … Read More

New $10,000 All-Electric Program

New Xcel Builder Rebates

Xcel Energy unveils significant changes to its builder rebate initiative, set to take effect on July 1, 2024.Published May 9, 2024Revamped & RealignedThe updates to Xcel’s builder rebate program stem primarily from their dedication to supporting the United States’ climate objectives for 2030 and 2050. By implementing these revisions, Xcel aims to incentivize more builders to embrace all-electric construction methods. … Read More

Important Considerations in the NEC

NEC Updates

The National Electrical Code has new updates that warrant a closer look.Published April 30, 2024EV Charging ReceptaclesBeware of lighter duty EV charging receptacles, they were never intended for the long duration charging modes that are increasingly common. NEMA 14-50 is the most common type. Look for something that is EV grade like the Hubbell NEMA 14-50R. Kitchen IslandsSection 210.52(C)(2): The requirement … Read More

Improvements and Updates to our Energy Design Consulting Team

EnergyLogic’s EDC Team helps partners navigate codes, rebates, and more.Published October 30, 2023Don’t Go It AloneAs many of our builder partners are experiencing, energy codes, programs, and tax credits are becoming more complex. Keeping track of the changes to codes and programs is nearly impossible for a builder who must deal with many other building requirements and challenges. The importance … Read More

Introducing Our New Energy Compliance & Building Science Experts

EnergyLogic has added Field Operations Area Managers for Improved Quality and Consistency.Published January 31, 2023Leading the WayEnergyLogic inspects over 5000 houses per year, verifying numerous codes and programs. With each jurisdiction adopting and amending different energy codes combined with tracking ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS, Zero Energy Ready, detached, attached, prescriptive, performance, etc., it can be overwhelming to keep them all … Read More

Navigating Constant Change

We need to understand and adapt to the constantly moving targets in the building industry to stay on coarse during times of change.Published January 30, 2023Finding Our Footing for the Road AheadAt times it feels like the day-to-day disruption is never-ending. If stuff would slow down for a while so we could get our feet underneath us, we could plan … Read More