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NEC Updates

The National Electrical Code has new updates that warrant a closer look.

NEC Updates
Published April 30, 2024

EV Charging Receptacles

Beware of lighter duty EV charging receptacles, they were never intended for the long duration charging modes that are increasingly common. NEMA 14-50 is the most common type. Look for something that is EV grade like the Hubbell NEMA 14-50R

Kitchen Islands

Section 210.52(C)(2): The requirement for receptacles serving the countertop or work surface of an island or peninsula is made optional; however, if the receptacles are not installed at the time the cabinets and countertops were initially placed, the section requires provisions for a future outlet to be provided. The provision must include a wiring method (conduit, raceway, or cable) to be extended to the island or peninsula and terminated into a junction box with cover. 3 9.  

Section 210.52(C)(3): In the same section, all receptacle outlets in the kitchen serving the countertop surface will no longer be allowed below the countertop or work surface. The receptacles, or outlet assemblies, located on the top of the countertop or work surface must be listed for the use. For purposes of this section, receptacles shall not be located within 24 inches below a countertop or worksurface. Receptacles below the countertop or worksurface shall not be used for “serving the countertop or worksurface”. USB device(s) that do not contain a receptacle(s) are allowed to be installed below the countertop surface. **If receptacle placement is according to Informational Annex J and with ADA guidelines, please contact the local AHJ to discuss options for granting “special permission” in accordance with section 90.4(C). 

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