ENERGY STAR® Stats for 2012!

It's always exciting to share the good we done through ENERGY STAR!

Homeowners want efficient homes

Along with our dedicated Builders, EnergyLogic verified 2,284 ENERGY STAR Certified Homes in 2012!

This achievement helped to:

  • Save homeowners $915,884.00 on their utility bills
  • Reduce 10,606,896 pounds of Carbon Dioxide

This is equivalent to the greenhouse gasses:

  • Produced by 1,003 passenger vehicles
  • Emitted from burning 4,118,052 lbs of coal
  • Saved by planting and growing 123,336 coniferous
    trees for 10 years

Great job, team!

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About the Author
Robby Schwarz

Robby Schwarz

Robby co-founded EnergyLogic with Steve Byers & Wynne Maggi in 2006. As Director of Builder Relations, Robby works closely with builders to achieve their efficiency goals, while keeping an eye on cost and cycle time. Learn more about Robby here.

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