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After turning the page on his time at the DOE, Sam Rashkin is rewriting the future of sustainable, affordable housing. Find out what's next!

After turning the page on his time at the DOE, Sam is rewriting the future of sustainable, affordable housing.

After turning the page on his time at the DOE, Sam Rashkin is rewriting the future of sustainable, affordable housing. Find out what's next!
Published May 12, 2021

Sam Rashkin’s Next Chapter(s) 

Some people ride off into the sunset. But not Sam Rashkin. Like a fine wine, Sam Rashkin keeps getting better and better. Now officially retired from the Department of Energy (DOE), Sam is beginning a new chapter with his work on Housing 2.0, a new program in partnership with Green Building Media.

Many of us have had the distinct pleasure of attending one of the hundreds (thousands?) of workshops, sessions, seminars, etc., that Sam has conducted over the course of his career. Starting at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with building the ENERGY STAR® New Homes program through his time at the DOE working on the Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) program, Rashkin has been a trailblazer and a luminary of our industry. His new chapter builds on all of this work.

Calling All Disrupters

Housing 2.0 focuses a much-needed light on where the housing industry needs to go to achieve the goal of producing sustainable and healthy homes at attainable prices. There is a lot of work to do, and Sam and the team at Green Building Media have put together an excellent program for everyone involved in this critical work. That includes builders, developers, architects, consultants, realtors, appraisers, truly everyone that touches and is involved in the housing industry.  

The program has a number of elements, from Sam’s new book to a variety of workshops and online courses. There is something for everyone needing or wanting to be part of the coming disruption. Is that you? Explore more details about Housing 2.0's program's elements.

I’m excited to spread the word about Sam’s new direction. While I’ve been privileged to hear Sam speak innumerable times, I’m even more honored to call him a friend. We’ve spent a lot of time over the past two and a half decades exploring our mutual ideas. It’s always great to spend time tackling the big (and little) challenges of our industry with him. One great opportunity to do that will be at RaterFest this fall. Sam has very graciously agreed to keynote our annual “unconference”.  Space is limited. Check it out!

About Sam Rashkin

As founder for “Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry”, Sam is a published author, trainer, and consultant who has been preparing our nation’s home builders for major disruptions looming ahead. In his prior role as Chief Architect for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, Sam’s led deployment of proven housing innovations including directing the Zero Energy Ready Home program.

This work built upon his experience leading ENERGY STAR® for Homes from its inception in 1996 to more than 8,000 builder partners, over one million labeled homes. During his 20-plus years as a licensed architect, he specialized in energy efficient design and completed over 100 residential projects. He has served on the national Steering Committees for USGBC’s LEED for Homes, NAHB’s Green Builder Guidelines, and U.S. EPA’s Water Sense and Indoor airPLUS™ labels. Mr. Rashkin has been recognized for his contributions to sustainable housing in 2019 with the EEBA Legend Award and in 2012 with the Hanley Award. Find Sam on LinkedIn.  

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