L’Avenir: The Future Has Come to Fort Collins

L'Avenir Net Zero Luxury Condos

Net Zero, luxury townhome-style condos fully powered by the sun's energy and geothermal wells.

L'Avenir Net Zero Luxury Condos
Published November 9, 2020

The Talk of the Town

L’Avenir is a beautiful, four-unit townhome project in Old Town Fort Collins that sets the bar for sustainability and energy efficiency. The vision of Perriello Davis and her husband and partner, Robert L. Davis (Davis Davis Architects), the name L’Avenir literally means “The Future” in French. This state of the art project was constructed by award-winning green builder Philgreen Construction with an acute focus on healthy and comfortable indoor quality, overall wellbeing, and the great outdoors. Each unit is fully powered by a combination of photo-voltaic panels and geothermal wells, taking advantage of an extremely energy-efficient design and tight construction.  

A Revolution in Home Construction

In addition to the project's sustainability and energy aspects, it also includes a construction quality and ambiance that will provide residents a comfortable and elegant home. Davis Davis Architects describe the townhome project as their version of the Tesla Model S and hope that it sparks the same type of revolution in home construction.

L'Avenir luxury NetZero townhome-style condo project interior and exterior images

Image source: L'Avenir Living.

Sustainability Reigns

As the sustainability and energy consultants, EnergyLogic ensured L’Avenir met the challenging requirements of the various programs which the project pursued through design and constructionincluding:

Cuhttps://www.epa.gov/watersenserrently, EnergyLogic is also spearheading certifying one unit under LEED Platinum and potentially LEED Positive, a new program that envisions buildings being a vehicle for the restoration and repair of the built environment. “They don’t actually take from the environment. They give back,” said Perriello Davis of the L’Avenir townhomes.

Learn More About Above-Code Programs

EnergyLogic is invested in helping our partners build efficient, healthy, and resilient homes. Contact EnergyLogic's Director of Business Development, Rusty Buick, to learn more about the value of above-code certification programs. 

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