RaterFest 2023 Brings the Best of the Best to the Rockies

Energy raters and experts from across the country gather for EnergyLogic's annual unconference.

Published October 30, 2023

Energy Geeks Unite! 

Like many professions, HERS Raters and RFIs have continuing education requirements. To take care of our requirements for all of our people, we annually have what we call RaterFest. Yes, we are geeks. It is a very efficient way to handle the situation. Each year we invite speakers from around the country to present on topics that are central to our work either from a technical or a policy perspective.  

Industry Leaders & Innovators

This year, we had an all-star lineup of speakers including representatives from the EPA and DOE talking with us about ENERGY STAR® and Indoor airPLUS. We also had folks from the off-site/modular construction world and other technical experts on the housing industry and indoor air quality. These experts not only present to EnergyLogic people and others who attend from around the country, but they also hang around for the weekend and provide us all with incredibly valuable time to talk about their areas of expertise and the industry in general. It’s been a success story for the past thirteen years. 


RaterFest 2023 session.


One of the big themes of this year and a recurring one is electrification. There’s a lot to know and a lot of questions about the what, the why, and for us especially, the how. While we’ve got a pretty good handle on it, we are always working to make sure we are ready to be experts before the need arises. Whether it’s from a program perspective, a code perspective, or simply a consulting perspective, we want to make sure we have answers to your questions.  


EnergyLogic was selected by EPA’s for the Indoor airPLUS Leader Award for 2023. This is our second time achieving this honor. Only one rating company in the country is selected each year. We are proud of our work in the IAP program and look forward to continuing our leadership in this area. We’d like to publicly thank all of our builder partners who work with us in the program while distinguishing their homes from others concerning indoor air quality. Thank you. 

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Steve Byers

Steve Byers

Steve Byers is EnergyLogic's CEO and co-founder. Read more about Steve here.

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