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2020 Work Completed- EnergyLogic

A look back at our accomplishments in 2020 and a look forward to an exciting 2021!

2020 Work Completed- EnergyLogic
Published February 19, 2021

A Year of Ups and Downs

Considering what to write in recapping 2020, the main thought that went through my mind is, "well, that sucked!" It was a challenging year for everyone, both personally and professionally, in so many ways.  I think we are all excited to leave 2020 behind and hit the ground running with enthusiasm and excitement for what 2021 may have in store. 

All in all, however, EnergyLogic and the building industry were very fortunate to be considered essential and enjoy a continued strong market. Even though there was much trepidation, team disconnection, new processes, and challenges in 2020, we are thankful that we had the opportunity to work with our partners and provide the service and expertise you count on EnergyLogic to deliver.  

EnergyLogic had another strong year providing International Energy Code Conservation (IECC®) compliance, ENERGY STAR® for Homes, Indoor airPLUS™, and other above-code programs certifications for our builder partners. This core business continued to support EnergyLogic and allowed us to take on some new opportunities and challenges in 2020 that increase our value to new and existing partners.  

2020 Highlights

  • Sustainably Built Acquisition  In February, we acquired the premier energy compliance company focused on Boulder and Boulder County.  Andy Mazal and Sage Calamari joined the EnergyLogic team bringing significant experience and knowledge in the nuances of working in the Boulder area and improve our capacity to service custom home builders across Colorado. 
  • Third-Party Builder Risk Management Program  Mitigating builder risk by reducing liability exposure and helping builders verify the details and practices that need to be incorporated into the construction process are among the many challenges in home construction.  EnergyLogic developed a comprehensive Third-Party Builder Risk Management Program that delivers specific feedback and actionable trend information to help our partners meet this challenge.  We are confident our program will provide more quality and more value than what is currently available in the market.   
  • HVAC Design and Verification  EnergyLogic introduced HVAC design services in 2019.  In 2020 we improved and expanded our design team by bringing on new designers and increased our experience and education.  The expectations of homeowners and jurisdictions' requirements will continue to demonstrate the importance of quality HVAC design.  Using a third-party designer assures that the system is designed for quality rather than ease of installation.  We also offer installation reviews and system functional testing to ensure that the system will deliver what you and your clients demand. 

In 2020, we made thousands of homes more healthy, efficient, and resilient
Our work in 2020 summary includes final data totals for EnergyLogic's services and work performed in homes.
EnergyLogic helped Colorado builders earn over a million dollars in Xcel Energy ENERGY STAR New Homes Program rebates
By making homes more efficient, 9.8 tons of carbon dioxide were avoided in 2020
Over 2 million gallons of gasoline per year were saved by EnergyLogic's work in 2020
We're proud of the difference the EnergyLogic team makes every day.

Stepping Into 2021

EnergyLogic will continue its mission; To meet our partners where they are and engage them in the journey of building the best possible homes.  Balancing the delivery of our core services while exploring opportunities to provide better service and value that help our partners to build better homes will continue.  

Hopefully, we will also have the chance to get together more often, both professionally and socially, and leave 2020 far behind while developing our relationship with each partner as we appreciate what was lost in 2020. Please reach out to me or any EnergyLogic Logician whenever we can be of service to you and your team. 

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