Toni Cox

Toni Cox - The EnergyLogic Team

Tony Cox, Controller with EnergyLogic since 2021. I love the outstanding reputation that we have in our community, the company vision, and the culture.

Sage Calamari

Sage Calamari - The EnergyLogic Team

Sage Calamari, EDC Division Coordinator with EnergyLogic since 2020. I get to learn about the cutting-edge technologies used to create healthier homes.

Barb Ver Steeg

Barb Ver Steeg - The EnergyLogic Team

Barb Ver Steeg, Contracts Administrator at EnergyLogic since 2009. My favorite core values: All for One & Do the Right Thing. That’s how I try to live.

Susan Mathes

Susan Mathes - The EnergyLogic Team

Susan Mathes, Contracts Administrator Assistant with EnergyLogic since 2007. I like having dogs and friendly, caring people at the office.

Misha Maggi

Misha Maggi - The EnergyLogic Team

Misha Maggi, Billing Specialist with EnergyLogic since 2018. I really believe that EnergyLogic is comprised of the most innovative & talented people around.

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee - The EnergyLogic Team

Michelle Lee, Payroll & Accounting Manager with EnergyLogic since 2013. Our jobs are all connected. I like that my piece affects and helps everyone.