Above Code Requirement for Receiving Incentive Dollars from Xcel Energy

Above Code Requirement for Receiving Incentive Dollars from Xcel Energy

Small Change in Software may have a Big Impact on Compliance with the Xcel Energy’s New Homes Program Builder Incentive Payments

Above Code Requirement for Receiving Incentive Dollars from Xcel Energy

The ENERGY STAR® New Homes (ESNH) Program provides incentives for builders to build homes that exceed local energy code requirements for energy efficiency by at least 10%. Homes must be evaluated by a RESNET® accredited Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) Rater. HERS Raters help builders achieve energy savings by providing plan review analysis and on-site verification throughout the construction process. 

Software, program, and standard changes are converging in 2018 with a requirement to begin using a new version of the software to demonstrate compliance with the percentage above code requirement for receiving incentive dollars from Xcel Energy.  Codes are advancing and it has already been more difficult to achieve the percentage above code that is required to get an incentive payment.  Now, with the new version of the software, which more accurately models the home’s performance, it will be a little more difficult.  EnergyLogic is expecting fewer homes that we work with to achieve a level that qualifies for a builder incentive.

The Energy Efficiency Business Coalition (EEBC), an intervener in the Public Utility Commission DSM plan, is trying to offer ideas for more relevant builder incentive programs.  The two ideas being floated now are a HERS Index-based program and an a la carte program that could offer builder incentive payments for specific energy specifications installed in a home.  If you would like your voice to be heard in this process contact the EEBC. https://www.eebco.org/eebc

If you are interested in having EnergyLogic re-analyze your plans to see if there are specification changes that will help you achieve a more consistent incentive payment, please reach out to robby@nrglogic.com or rusty.buick@nrglogic.com. We will be happy to give you peace of mind with these changes.

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