2021 Builder Rebate Programs Update

Save energy and save money. Incentive programs made for builders.

Front Range utility providers expand and improve builder rebate programs in 2021 to incentivize construction of energy-efficient homes.

Save energy and save money. Incentive programs made for builders.
Published February 19, 2021

Delivering Money to Your Bottom Line

EnergyLogic supports the Xcel Energy, Black Hills Energy, and Colorado Springs Utilities builder rebate programs and helps our builders deliver money directly to your bottom line.  The builder must work with an energy rater (EnergyLogic) to model and verify the homes are truly more efficient than a standard code home to access these rebates.  Each utility program has a different structure, rebate amounts, and requirements.  However, EnergyLogic will do most of the leg work to help you capture the rebates you are entitled.

Xcel Energy Builder Rebate Program

Xcel Energy continues to offer rebates from $200-$2,500 based on the percentage better than code based on the home’s energy model.  There is an additional $100 for every home certified under the ENERGY STAR® for Homes program.  Xcel has expanded the 2021 program to include gas-only and electric-only homes with substantial rebates of up to $5,000 for electric only.  Another enticing option is rebates of $400 to $500 for heat pump water heaters.

Black Hills Energy Residential New Construction Program

Black Hills Energy has increased their rebate to $1,000 for homes with a HERS® score representing efficiency 10% better than code.  More exciting is that Black Hills has added several prescriptive mechanical appliance rebates for homes that are not meeting the HERS requirement.  EnergyLogic anticipates that most homes will be eligible for at least $250-$600 in rebates under the prescriptive requirements.

Colorado Springs Utilities Builder Incentive Program

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) bases its rebates on the HERS score and starts at $400 and goes up to $2,250.  CSU also pays increased rebates for homes certified under an above code program such as Energy Star or LEED.  CSU also added a significant rebate of $3,000 for all-electric homes that meet certain requirements.

EnergyLogic has outlined additional utility provider details, click here to learn more. 

A Win-Win for Everyone

Improving your houses' energy components will deliver fewer warranty claims, more comfort, and lower operating costs to your home buyers.  It may also put more dollars into your bottom line with these utility rebates.  EnergyLogic is expanding our plans analysis capabilities to provide more detailed information for our clients to decide what improvements are cost-effective. 

Explore Your Rebate Potential 

EnergyLogic is invested in helping our partners receive every possible incentive that they are eligible for. Contact EnergyLogic's Director of Business Development, Rusty Buick to explore your rebate potential. 

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