EnergyLogic Named 2020 Indoor airPLUS™ Leader of the Year

EnergyLogic is named 2020 Indoor airPLUS Leader of the Year by EPA

Created by the EPA, the Indoor airPLUS Leader Award recognizes builders and rater partners who construct or verify Indoor airPLUS qualified homes and actively promote the Indoor airPLUS brand.

EnergyLogic is named 2020 Indoor airPLUS Leader of the Year by EPA
Published October 7, 2020

We’re Honored to Receive Our First Indoor airPLUS™ Market Leader Award and to Be Named the 2020 Indoor airPLUS Leader of the Year!

EnergLogic’s vision is a world where all homes are efficient, healthy, and resilient. We understand how important it is for builders to align with homeowner desires and their need to consistently strive for market differentiation and brand recognition. Among other Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) new home labels, the EPA Indoor airPLUS program aligns perfectly with our vision. 

Working Hard to Help You Breathe Easy

In celebration of receiving these awards, here is a quick look at our active efforts to engage with builders, stakeholders, and industry professionals:

  • Continuously educating builders on the value of third-party verification to function as an integral role of building practices and programs. 
  • Effectively demonstrating how applied building science continues to advance the quality and sustainability of homes.
  • Frequently meeting with our clients to evaluate their goals and target market to determine if the Indoor airPLUS™ program is appropriate. 
  • Routinely assessing the reach to achieve the Indoor airPLUS label among our active ENERGY STAR® builders. 
  • Actively endorsing and promoting the Indoor airPLUS program via web presence, social media activity, and marketing efforts to help increase awareness among Colorado communities.
  • Regularly providing education and raising program awareness through direct builder communication, presentations, and webinars on the topic of healthy homes and indoor air quality. 

Highlighting the Indoor airPLUS Value

EnergyLogic advocates for our partners’ success. Education and training are cornerstones of our partnerships and services. We feel that our role as an integrated partner is to help our builders advance their building practices and gain a competitive edge by building better homes and promoting the value of the EPA Indoor airPLUS™ label across a digitally-driven market. 

Indoor airPLUS 2020 Web Presence Example Image
Indoor airPLUS Awards 2020 EnergyLogic's Social Media Focus and Examples
Indoor airPLUS 2020 Award Image of EnergyLogic's Co-brandable Flyer

It’s All About the Journey

Our mission is to meet our partners where they are and engage them in the journey of building the best possible homes. Many of the builders that we work with across Colorado’s Front Range have expressed interest in healthy homes to help meet the growing demand of homebuyers. 

EnergyLogic recognizes these opportunities and encourages builders to commit to the label on 100% of their homes. Through builder-specific data insights and performance trends, we strive to increase commitment and help our clients overcome barriers by:  

  • Analyzing their building practices through a potential scenario and cost analysis approach to determine various construction practices and technologies that  improve indoor air quality in their homes. 
  • Encouraging them to further explore the program’s comprehensive indoor air quality protection, benefits, and features that bring peace of mind to families.

Strong Partnerships Make the Difference

We are incredibly thankful to partner with builders who exhibit outstanding market leadership. Because of homebuilders like McStain Neighborhoods, Remington Homes, and 2020 Indoor airPLUS™ Market Leader, Thrive Homebuilders, people believe that their homes can be built to higher standards. These partners among others, help to ensure that the increasing concerns of indoor air quality and health and safety among homeowners are recognized and addressed by the Indoor airPLUS program protections. 

EnergyLogic is proud to be associated with a meaningful program like Indoor airPLUS. We give a heartfelt congratulations to all of the Indoor airPLUS 2020 Market Leader award winners whose commitment has helped to foster a broad level of understanding of what it means to build homes that are efficient, healthy, and resilient.

To learn more, visit the EPA press announcement, and/or visit the EPA Indoor airPLUS™ 2020 Market Leader Award page.

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