2019 Year in Review and 2020 Insights


2019 Was an Adventure!

I must admit, writing about EnergyLogic’s year in review is a rather nerve-wracking process.  After 14 years of leadership and vision building and working with our clients, one of our original owners, Robby Schwarz, has moved on to new opportunities and adventures. While we will miss working with Robby, the innovation, expertise, and superior service that EnergyLogic has always provided will continue and grow. The future is exciting and bright (where are my shades?), and we are in the process of many improvements that will further establish EnergyLogic as the premier energy service provider for all our partners.  Here is a little insight into where EnergyLogic was in 2019, and where we intend to go in 2020.

2019 was another busy year for EnergyLogic with new highs in inspections, certifications, and, as our HR Director can attest, new hires. With the growth in our core business, we began incorporating many improvements in our systems and software that will lead to better service and efficiency.   As we move into 2020, I would like to share some of the initiatives we are launching that will improve our communication and value.

Team Lead Customer Relationship Program

One of the biggest challenges we face is making sure the people on the ground, building the houses, understand precisely how EnergyLogic fits into the building process. Changing codes and new building practices are difficult for field staff to keep up with which leads to frustration and confusion on what EnergyLogic is inspecting. We are creating a more formal field relationship program where our most experienced field staff reaches out to area managers to discuss issues before they manifest into big problems. It may be a cup of coffee or an early site walk with your subcontractors, but we want to ensure that your field staff knows they have a direct contact within EnergyLogic to inform and assist in meeting the code and program requirements. 

Improved Field Reporting

We are in the process of evaluating the entire layout of our inspection field reports and streamlining and simplifying them to get busy supers the information they need in a better form.   

Builder Dashboard and Builder Log-In

In 2019, we delivered our Builder Dashboard which provides statistics, trends, and insights into inspections and energy efficiency to some of our clients. In addition, we have always offered builders access to our Dash Software to access reports and certificates. In 2020, we will implement a more robust builder software access to Dash and The Builder Dashboard including an integrated platform that allows you to view, filter, and access your data on demand.

EnergyLogic looks forward to being a valuable part of your team and continuing to meet your needs for building high quality, energy-efficient homes. If there is anything more that we can do to help you be successful, please let us know.


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Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick

Rusty Buick is EnergyLogic's Director of Business Development. As a former general contractor specializing in high-performing homes, Rusty loves helping builders appreciate the value of building high-performing, energy-efficient homes for their clients and for future generations. Learn more about Rusty!

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