Opportunity Emerges Out of Chaos

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As the hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak continues to demand your attention every day, don’t take your eye off of your long-term business objectives.

Recession Signals?

Inverted Yield Curve- for web

A warning sign appeared in January with a phenomenon we call the “Inverted Yield Curve.” It’s predicted nearly every recession in the last 60 years.

Colorado Housing Market Forecast – September 2019

Colorado Housing Market Forecast - September - 2019

Single and multi-family construction permit activity diverge in recent months. Lower mortgage rates reinforce builder confidence, but consumers say it’s not a good time to buy a home and remain wary of a recession in 2020.

Colorado Housing Market Forecast – April, 2019

Colorado Housing Market Forecast - April 2019_The EnergyLogic Blog

Denver housing permits didn’t “pop” as we might have hoped to start the favorable spring construction season, as the City approved just 764 single-family permits in March, little changed when compared to the first two months of the year. This means the permit total is down 27.5% year-over-year (from 1,054 in March 2018).

Colorado Housing Market Forecast – March, 2019

Colorado Housing Market Forecast - March 2019

Denver single-family permits are trending down, totaling 1,024 in August and 858 in September. However, despite underperforming the forecast, the decline appears to be seasonal, with the permit totals little changed from one year ago (1,007 in 08-2017 and 902 in 09-2017).

Doom, Gloom and Reasons for Housing Optimism

Housing Market Media Coverage

Recently, news outlets have written that home construction and sales are plunging and crashing, with some arguing that we’re at “peak housing.” We’re not so worried yet.