McKennon Piil

McKennon Piil

McKennon Piil, HVAC Design Specialist with EnergyLogic since 2021. I love designs with challenging layouts & the process of problem-solving & fixing plans.

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith, the EnergyLogic team

Christopher Smith, Quality Assurance & Training Specialist with EnergyLogic since August 2019. I love nerding out over the thermodynamics in energy inspections.

Adrian Calderon

Adrian Calderon - The EnergyLogic Team

Adrian Calderon, Energy Rater at EnergyLogic since 2018. I love seeing the process it takes to build homes. I’m studying to be an architect.

Kim Vittetoe

Kim Vittetoe - The EnergyLogic Team

Kim Vittetoe, Logistics & Customer Support with EnergyLogic since 2011. I’m excited to be part of an organization that has a positive impact on our earth.

Barb Ver Steeg

Barb Ver Steeg - The EnergyLogic Team

Barb Ver Steeg, Contracts Administrator at EnergyLogic since 2009. My favorite core values: All for One & Do the Right Thing. That’s how I try to live.

Kelcey Sykes

Kelcey Sykes - The EnergyLogic Team

Kelsey Sykes, Quality Assurance & Training Specialist with EnergyLogic since 2018. The best part of my job is that every day is different.

Greydon Studer

Greydon Studer

Greydon Studer, Team Lead & Senior Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since 2016. I like the independence & challenging situations with real-world benefits.

Quinn Stedman

Quinn Stedman

Quinn Stedman, Team Lead & Energy Rater with EnergyLogic since2018. I’ve always been intrigued by building science & energy efficiency strategies.

Jennifer Snarr

Jennifer Snarr - The EnergyLogic Team

Jennifer Snarr, Software Developer with EnergyLogic since 2015. My favorite thing about my job is that I get to bring ideas to life.

Aaron Scott

Aaron Scott - The EnergyLogic Team

Aaron Scott, Sustainability Programs Manager with EnergyLogic since February 2013. I’m passionate about making a positive impact on every house we inspect.